The new word in shoe technology is Minimalist running shoes, but what is it all about?

Simply put, it is based on the concept that the best way to walk and run is the barefoot approach just like our ancestors did many years ago. In the pursuit of this ideal type of footwear many manufacturers released their version of the so-called minimalist shoes, such as Nike barefoot, Five Fingers, and so on.

While it is true that mankind has evolved walking and running barefoot for over 50,000 years, we have to consider the kind of surfaces that our ancestors walked and ran on. Usually they walked and ran on grass and clay surfaces that are much softer and more irregular than ours today. Our ancestor’s environment required their feet to develop a much more robust musculature to be an excellent surface adaptor. The modern man of the last 100 years or so, on the contrary, walks and runs predominantly in flat and hard surfaces (concrete, tiles, marble, hardwood floors, etc), therefore our present feet are underdeveloped in comparison, needing a not so minimal approach to negotiate with our environment.

We believe that Brooks Shoes have the best approach when they introduced the minimalist idea without compromising protection for feet:PureFlow2_Blk

Natural Motion empowered by Brooks: The Brooks PureProject (TM) collections introduces a unique way to experience the run by promoting a proactive approach to meet the Biomechanical needs of Runners in an incredibly lightweight and flexible shoes.  With the development of five unique technologies, the PureProject collection promotes an efficient, aligned stride by encouraging a more forward foot strike. This places the renner over their center of gravity for better balance and newfound spring in each step. And the best part is, these puppies are ready to run, right out of the box. It’s all possible trough these technologies. Breathable fabrics, radically flexible materials, and an extremely low profile complete the package to bring you a run for the senses. It’s what Brooks calls Feel More with Less experience.”

  1. Nav Band – This elastic band wraps over the instep and provides a comfortable, assured fit regardless of foot shape
  2. Toe Flex – The split toe enhances forefoot flexibility and independently empowers the big toe to engage the runner’s natural stability and powerful push-off.
  3. Biomogo DNA– Biomogo is Brooks earth friendly midsole technology, is blended with patent-pending Brooks DNA smart cushioning to tune cushion and response based on the needs of each and every runner.
  4. Anatomical Last – Designed from an anatomical form, the shoe’s shape contours the foot to provide true support and a glove-like feel.
  5. Ideal Heel –  Brooks signature slimmed-down heel encourages contact points to shift forward, which aligns the joints and creates optimal energy return.

Brooks PureProject includes the following shoes: The PureConnect(TM), PureFlow(TM), PureCadence(TM), PureDrift(TM), PureGrit(TM), that incorporates  the 5 technologies to make each and every stride a whole new experience.

Reference: Brooks 2013 Catalog. To learn more, please visit

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