• Our attentive staff assists you in finding the right style, size, and fit for your specific needs.

  • We make doctor-prescribed custom shoes and orthotics.

  • Our inventory contains a wide variety of brands and styles to choose from.

  • We have comfort and athletic footwear that are great for those who love to walk, jog, or run, and for those who are on their feet for long periods during the day.

  • We have trained employees to fit and sell compression stockings.

  • We have accommodative footwear for Diabetic and Arthritic foot.

  • We also provide Orthopedic Corrections such as Lifts, Rocker Soles, Flares, Wedges, Arch Support, and more.

  • We offer full shoe repair services: we can resole and shine your favorite pair of shoes.

  • When was the last time you had your foot measured, if ever? Our professional fitters are able to correctly size your feet for enhanced shoe comfort. Come in today and make your first experience at Nobile Shoes a great one!